5 Times Samsung Pay Will Help You Save the Day


Not having your wallet or purse on you when you have things to do and places to be can take you off guard—unless, of course, you’re a superhero. You might not shoot lasers from your eyes, but you do have Samsung Pay, which is almost like having a superpower. So, whether you left your cash behind on purpose because “you weren't going to need it” or whether your purse is sitting right by the door “where you can't forget it on your way out,” Samsung Pay has you covered at almost any store that accepts credit cards. The only sidekick you need is your Samsung smartphone, and neither of you have to wear tights.

Unless you want to. No judging.

1. Saving the Date

The chemistry is there, the first-date banter was flawless and the coffee with horchata muffins was an inspired choice. You’ve got one arm casually around Future Bae, and the other reaches for your credit card … which you left on your desk… 12 miles away.

Good thing superheroes don’t flinch at bullets, or at potential date disasters. Just swipe up to launch Samsung Pay from your smartphone’s Launch or Home Screen (or even from Standby Mode), select your card, then press your fingerprint to the Home key to verify your identity. Hold your device where you’d normally swipe a credit card—about half an inch from the card reader—and type in the last four digits of your on-screen digital card number, if asked. Now it’s up, up and away to the second date.

2. Versus the Evil “E”

You promised you’d make your niece’s soccer playoffs this time, and you’re 15 minutes from the coin toss. You’re using just as much super speed as you can without attracting any super speeding tickets, and your nemesis appears—the fearsome red “E” on your gas gauge. There’s no way you’ll make it in time.

That is, unless you had Samsung Pay. Because your payment powers work pretty much anywhere you can swipe or tap your card, even the gas station’s antique card reader won’t be your downfall—Samsung Pay’s NFC (Near Field Communication) radio wave tech doesn’t discriminate against card readers, new or old, whether they sport a tablet touchscreen or a magnetic strip. And never fear—each transaction undergoes multiple layers of security, regardless of how “vintage” the card reader is.


3. Parenting Powers, Activate!

We won’t tell your kids this, but no parent is perfect. And no kid is perfect either, especially when that kid mistakes your debit card for a Frisbee and hurls it to an as-yet undisclosed location somewhere in your house.

But super parents keep their cool. When time out is over and your little one has the need to feed, you can swoop in and save the day. As long as your long-lost card is a Visa, MasterCard or American Express from just about any major bank, all you need is Samsung Pay to hook your little sidekick up with a store-bought snack or a trip to the local mom-and-pop pizza joint.

The heroism doesn’t have to end when your kids grow up, either. Open Samsung Pay and touch the Gift Cards tab to view and purchase the card of your choice, enter a dollar amount and tap “Gift a Friend.” Type in your college kid’s info and a message reminding them to eat their greens as you send them a grocery store gift card without ever leaving your home.


4. Just Plain Saving Face

See that Tweet up there? That’s @bharathsivam’s superhero origin story, and it didn’t involve a single exploding planet or radioactive spider.

Relationships can be tough, but it’s the salty moments that make their sweetness even sweeter. So you had a tiff and you walked out in such a rush that you didn’t grab your wallet or purse. Sometimes, all it takes is a walk around the neighborhood to regain your cool and decide to make things right. With Samsung Pay in your pocket, those flowers in the florist’s window make the transition from “I wish I could make this happen” to “I’m going to make this happen right now.” And that might be all you need to be a hero in the eyes of those who matter most.

5. Making Moments More Super

We’ve covered @bharathsivam’s superhero origin story—now it’s time to create yours. To start using your Samsung Pay superpowers, make sure your bank and cards are compatible with Samsung Pay (and download the app from Google Play, if it’s not already on your device). Log in to Samsung Pay with your Samsung Account, then select “Use Fingerprint” and follow the instructions to scan and register your fingerprint. Type in a backup password and Samsung Pay PIN number and use your camera to scan in the card of your choice as instructed. Enter any additional card info needed, validate your card via text or email, tap “Done” upon entering your validation code and you’re officially super-powered.

And what is your power? It’s the power to impulse buy that vinyl from the band you just heard on the subway, the power to discover a brand new club to bring all your friends to, the power to treat someone special to an impulsive stay at a little B&B off the beaten path (and the power to rack up Loyalty points while you do it) It’s the power to never miss priceless moments because you don’t happen to have your card on you. And that’s pretty super.

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