5 Times You Need to Turn on Find My Mobile

Updated November 16, 2015

If your Galaxy Note5 gets stolen, the "Find My Mobile" tool can make the difference between a data-safe return and a total loss. But what happens when you're sure it hasn't been stolen? Here are five times "Find My Mobile" can come in handy when that end-of-arm extension is merely misplaced.

1. Where Were You Last Night?

We've all had those nights we never talk about again, when one thing leads to another and you're suddenly crooning Neil Diamond into the karaoke microphone. If the evening's festivities come to an end and you find yourself without your phone in hand, "Find My Mobile" can help you retrace your steps.

2. But My Ringer's on Silent

Just like your set of keys, your wallet, or your favorite pen, when you don't have the assistance of an audio alert, it can be near impossible to find a lost cell phone easily. With "Find My Mobile," however, the ringer doesn't even have to be on since it's the GPS functionality and not the sound system that leads you to it.

3. Where the Heck Are My Kids?

Kids are often anxious to get their own phone for social networking, texting and calling, but a phone can be used as more than simply a communication device. With "Find My Mobile" enabled, you can keep track of their whereabouts without having to call them to find out what they're doing.

4. What Did You Say the Password Was Again?

Chances are, if you've enabled a password-protected lock screen, you'll be able to unlock it yourself as long as the phone's in your hand. But in the event someone else is using the device—say you sent your son up to the store—you can use the "Find My Mobile" tool to unlock it from afar.

5. Passing the Buck

"Find My Mobile" is more than simply a locator. If you're selling or otherwise transferring ownership of the device, use the tool to wipe the system clean so your private data is no longer accessible by the new owner.

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