5 Things to Know About Your Galaxy Note


Packed with lots of powerful features, the Galaxy Note® 4 gets the job done quickly and efficiently. Here are a few quick tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your device.


1. Create Notes

S Note™ lets you create notes using the keyboard or the S Pen, or both. You can add images, voice memos, videos, and much more. Choose from pre-defined templates, or start with a blank note. To quickly create a note, press and hold the S Pen button, and double-touch anywhere on the screen.


2. Multitask with Multi Window

Multi Window allows you to use multiple apps on the same screen, in multiple, re-sizable windows. Enable Multi Window on the Notifications screen: Sweep your finger down from the top of the screen to display Notifications > touch Quick Settings at the top of Notifications > touch Multi Window to enable it. When Multi Window is enabled, the tab appears on the left side of the screen by default. You can show or hide the tab.


3. Share with NFC and S Beam

From documents to video files, you can share almost anything instantly with one touch using NFC (Near Field Communication) and S Beam by touching the devices together back-to-back. Your device uses NFC for the S Beam feature. To turn on NFC and S Beam: From the Home screen, touch Menu > Settings > More settings. Touch NFC to turn NFC On or Off. Touch S Beam to turn S Beam On or Off. If you turn on S Beam, NFC is automatically turned On.


4. Navigate with Motion Control

Your device recognizes motion, to allow you to navigate and access features by moving the device in specific gestures. When enabled, you can make a direct call, get notified of missed calls, zoom and out with just a tilt, browse, mute or pause all with the palm of your hand.


5. Use S Voice to Tell Your Phone What to Do

With the S Voice™ application, you can use your voice to perform tasks normally done by hand, such as dialing a phone number, sending a text message and playing music. You can also ask questions like "What is the weather?" S Voice will find the information and display it on the screen. To start using S Voice, tap Apps > S Voice from the Home screen, then speak a command. Tap the microphone icon if it doesn’t hear you or to give it another command.

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