5 Things You Didn't Know Your S Pen Could Do

Updated October 02, 2015
Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

The S Pen is a supremely efficient way to move things around the screen, highlight or make notes. That's seriously useful, and it's always fun doing things other smartphones can't even dream of. Don't stop there, though. You'd be missing out on a whole slew of other crazy-cool things you and your S Pen can do together.


1. Screen Cap Really, Really Long Pages

The problem with screen capture on most phones is that it, well...captures what's on your screen. Usually, that's not the whole page. With Screen Write, you can Scroll Capture a page up to 22 screens long. Then, scroll through the saved page as if it were live, even when you're offline.


2. Take Notes With the Screen Off

Seriously. Pick up the phone, pop out the S Pen, and start scribbling on the dark, still-locked screen. It's just like using a notepad, except the surface is smooth, the writing crisp, and the notes are on your phone where you can save and share them.


3. See the Future

Okay, not really. Your S Pen can make it feel that way, though. Hover it over a link to see a preview of the page it leads to. Preview emails or photos by hovering over them, or find your favorite scene in a video clip by hovering the pen over it. You'll save time, and the link preview can save on your data plan, too.


4. Stash Cool Stuff for Later

Circle anything—a video, a juicy quote, a great sale on something you want—and drag it to your Scrapbook with the S Pen. The link is saved to that page along with the image, so you can go right back to it with a tap of the S Pen.


5. Staying On the Line

You might want to brush up on your calligraphy. The S Pen has an improved pressure sensitivity, so you have fine control over the weight of your lines as you write or draw. Your hand-drawn birthday cards could become legendary.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/Demand Media

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