5 Things You Didn't Know Your Galaxy S6 Edge Could Do

Updated May 18, 2015

If you think the main screen on your Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge is amazing, take a look at what its Edge screens can do. Who'd have known that something so elegant could be so powerful?

1. Keep Your Friends on the Edge

Put the important people in your life front and center by tagging them in People Edge. If you haven't used People Edge yet, open "Settings," select "Edge Screen" and tap "People Edge." After you turn it on, tap "Add Contact" to select a name from your contacts and give that person a color code. If you have a falling out, or find a new BFF, change or rearrange your top contacts by choosing "Edit."

2. Give You a Dedicated News Feed

Track important news, sports bulletins, or just keep an eye on the weather using Information Stream. No matter what you're doing on the main screen, the Edge screen will keep you updated. To set up the Information Stream, go to "Settings," tap "Edge Screen" and select "Information Stream."

You can even use Information Edge when the main screen is off—just swipe your finger up and down along the Edge screen.

3. Give You a Wink

Edge Lighting is the perfect way to let your S6 edge discreetly let you know when someone important is trying to contact you. Used in conjunction with People Edge, it winks a different color when each of your top contacts calls or messages you. To turn on Edge Lighting, open "Settings," select "Edge Screen" and then tap "Edge Lighting."

4. Help You Respond In a Heartbeat

Let friends and family know that they're not being ignored using Quick Reply. When the Edge screen lights up because someone important has called or texted you, touch the heart rate sensor for two seconds. This sends a Quick Reply text message to the caller. To set up Quick Reply with a custom message, go to "Edge Lighting" in the "Edge Screen" Settings menu and tap "Quick Reply."

5. Act as Your Personal Night Watch

If you keep your smartphone by your bedside, give it a job moonlighting as your personal night watch. Open "Settings," select "Edge Screen" and then "Night Clock." Program night clock to activate and deactivate at the hours you specify.

No, it won't keep intruders away, sorry. It's not that kind of night watch. But it does shine just brightly enough, according to in-lab testing, to keep the monsters under the bed at bay for up to 12 hours.

Photo Credits: Shauna Hundeby/DemandMedia

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