5 Tech Tips for Grads Entering the Real World

You've spent four years enduring early-morning lectures, all-night cram sessions and exhaustive exams, and you’ve finally scored your diploma. The idea of finding a job, moving out on your own and achieving some semblance of financial independence, however, may seem a bit overwhelming. Clear some of this fog with a few simple tech tips for starting your professional life on the right foot.

Tip #1: Clean Out the Social Soot

Potential employers will likely investigate your social network presence, so delete inappropriate content—those crazy spring break photos, for example—from your profiles. Delete anything worrisome, untag yourself from questionable photos posted by others, and consider privatizing your profiles to gain more control over who's allowed to view your information. For more efficient clean-up, try a social cleaning app that's designed to search your profiles for content containing specific keywords so you can review and delete what you don't want.

Tip #2: Build Your Social Capital

Once the digital dirt is gone, it's time to do some virtual redecorating and start creating your personal brand. Focus on setting up a profile that clearly demonstrates your interests, skills and expertise. Post topics that interest and inspire you, and "like" groups, pages and images that show you're interested and curious to learn more. Comment on the posts from experts or companies in your industry. Eventually, you'll notice that your news feed contains more personalized, helpful content—like potential job openings—and your frequent comments put your name front and center with potential employers.

Tip #3: Graduate Your Email

While the email account you've been using since high school may be appropriate for communicating with friends and family, it's markedly less impressive to list "pookybearkisses23@vampirelove.com" on a professional resume. Create a new, more mature identity that is both simple to remember and career-appropriate, then use the email address for job hunting, professional outreach and other real-world networking.

Tip #4: Maintain Your Digital Life

Forget broken heels, bad hair days and coffee stains. Few things can bring the day of your big interview to an abrupt halt faster than a misplaced resume or dead cell phone. Prepare adequately and ahead of time to avoid potential disasters. Charge your phone fully to ensure that you can still make calls, access email and look up directions. Input your destination in your smartphone's GPS navigation so you're not doing it while driving. Save your resume, presentations and other important documents to the cloud so you have a backup.

Tip #5: Maximize Your Tech

As you navigate from college into the working world, having the right equipment to help you on your journey is key. Be sure to make the most of your tech by utilizing its many capabilities. Your smartphone and tablet will serve you well during this time, doubling as a bedside alarm, calendar organizer, scanner, voice recorder and digital camera to keep you on track. Download job search apps that tap openings at thousands of companies and enable you to apply to listings while on-the-go so you won’t miss out on an opportunity.

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