5 Task Edge Shortcuts to Make Life Easier

Updated December 31, 9999
Tanner Dunn

Have you ever wished there was a secret place you could go where time slows down? You could get all of your daily tasks done and then emerge moments later without anyone noticing you were gone? Well, short of bending the laws of physics, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has that secret place hidden on the edge of your screen: Tasks edge.

Customizing Tasks edge is super easy. To get started, swipe open the Edge Panel, swipe left on the handle and tap the gear icon.

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1. Make Some Friends

There's no reason to feel awkward when you meet someone new. Be prepared by setting up an "Add New Contact" shortcut on Tasks edge through your Contacts app. When it's time to get your soon-to-be new best friend's info, just swipe open Tasks edge and give the shortcut a tap. Being smooth always makes a great first impression.

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2. Book a Pedicure

Tasks edge makes scheduling quality time with yourself a breeze. The "Create Event/Task" shortcut is already programmed. All you have to do is drag it onto the Tasks edge. When you're ready to book a spa appointment, just give the shortcut a tap and the Calendar app opens. It works for setting dentist appointments too...but that might not be as much fun.

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3. Call your Mom!

With Tasks edge, set up a shortcut to call any person who is on your mind—or, at least, should be. Add a shortcut to instantly call your mom, your client or that person you've been meaning to call but haven't had the nerve. When you tap the shortcut in Tasks edge, the phone is activated and that person's number is dialed automatically. No muss, no fuss and no time to back out before the phone starts ringing.

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4. Be Right On Time...Fast

Sometimes our lives are measured right down to the second. Whether you're trying to beat your best sprint time, perfecting your soft-boiled eggs or managing the kid's next time-out, you can set up any number of timers in Tasks edge through your Clock app. Set up as many different timers as you need. If you don't need one anymore, just delete it, like all Tasks edge shortcuts, by tapping the red "x" beside the icon.

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5. Take the Perfect Selfie

Picture this: You're in the coffee shop and your favorite actor is standing right there. He puts his arm around you, you lift your camera and...go home with a picture of the barista because the wrong camera was activated. Do yourself a favor and drag the pre-programmed "Selfie" shortcut onto Tasks edge. When you use any of the camera shortcuts, you'll get the right photo with the right settings.

Photo Credits: Tanner Dunn

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