5 Best Smart TV Features for Sports-Loving Dads

Sports-loving dads have a lot to look forward to this Father’s Day, especially when it comes to the latest Smart TVs. In fact, watching sports on TV is such an immersive experience today that you may have second thoughts about making that trek to the stadium.

1) More Games, Less Searching

How many times have you searched for something to watch, only to discover the game is half over by the time you find it? Samsung's Smart Hub offers a hassle-free portal to all of your favorite content, including sports apps like ESPN ScoreCenter and MLB.TV. Everything is organized in five panels so you can quickly look through live TV, movies, streaming video, games and social networks. The Smart Hub's search function doesn't just limit you to what's on your satellite or cable box—it searches all of your available content. So if you want to search for football, you can see what's on live TV, the latest clips on the Internet or the newest interactive games available for download.

2) For the King of the Clicker

Every dad has his own style when it comes to handling the TV's remote control. No matter your preference, Samsung's Smart Touch Remote gives complete control over every feature the TV has to offer. Its touchpad lets you move quickly through your entertainment options, or you can use it like a mouse and just point and click it at the TV. You can even use its built-in microphone to speak commands directly. Just ask, “What football games are on?" and the Smart Hub will list suggestions.

3) Full Web Browsing Without Missing a Play

Smart TVs equipped with Smart Hub, like the Samsung Smart HU9000 UHD TV, also come with a full Web browser, which is perfect for surfing online without having to leave the couch. If you want to catch up on the news or share who you’re rooting for on your social media sites, just tell the Smart Hub where you want to go and then get back to the game when you’re done. The browser also includes picture-in-picture so you won't miss a single play in the game.

4) Keep Up With the Times

If you're going to invest in a state-of-the-art TV, it only makes sense to get a model that will keep up with the latest changes. Look for a Smart TV with the intelligence to update when needed. You can connect a hassle-free evolution kit to your current system and the TV will update itself. Even if a broadcast is displayed in standard HD—or even in Standard Definition—a Smart TV with built-in UHD upscaling can give your picture the UHD-level experience.

5) Crisp, Clear Color

When it comes to the latest Smart TVs, image quality is everything. An ultra-clear, non-reflective panel, in combination with advanced backlighting technology and color processing, ensures that the colors are crisp. Add to this technology a high refresh rate designed to capture quick movements, and all of these factors produce a clear, bright image no matter how fast the game gets.

Photo Credits: Pamela Follett/Demand Media

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