5 Smart Things You Need to Know About HumanFit

Updated January 08, 2016

Are you ready to bring some new life to your wardrobe? Here at CES, our Samsung C&T Fashion division has been turning heads with the latest smart fashion accessories. With clothes that perform this well while looking so good doing it, your old wardrobe may never feel the same.

1. Power Up While Taking a Stroll

Give your Samsung Galaxy smartphone a charge whenever you step outside with the Sol Bag. The hexagon-shaped solar panels on this environment-friendly clutch can charge your device in about four hours.

2. Make New Friends and Business Contacts

Our Smart Suit has an NFC tag embedded in its sleeve so that you can transmit your e-business card to a new contact’s smartphone. It can also sense your location and open different apps on your device when you’re in the office, at a business meeting or while driving.

3. Think on Your Feet with Our New Smart Belt

The Welt (Smart Belt) not only keeps your pants in place, but also measures your waistline, keeps tabs on how long you've been sitting down, and alerts you when it’s time to stand up and move around for a while.

4. Avoid Hazards on the Fairway

A fashionable selection of golf clothes, the Smart Swing line comes equipped with NFC chips that can help you monitor weather conditions, or the level of UV rays you will be exposed to while on the course.


5. Keep in Optimal Health While Looking Great

Our Body Compass 2.0 combines comfort, durability and smarts all in the same weave. The fabric sensors and elastic conductive fibers in this bio-smart shirt monitors your heart rate using ECG (electrocardiogram) and EMG (electromyogram) technology.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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