5 Signs you May Need to Conduct a Do-it-Your-Selfie Spring Cleaning


Everyone’s got a few selfie skeletons in the closet. Some even post them to Instagram. But spring is a time for new beginnings, fresh starts, a new you. And new pictures of the new you. So let’s start with a clean slate. Or at least a less embarrassing one. You probably need to sweep the cobwebs out of your selfie collection and start anew if:


1. Your Mirror Stopped Answering

You have more I’ve-put-this-outfit-together-just-for-Instagram mirror selfies than you do fashion emergency/friend approval mirror selfies.


2. Your Selfie Math Doesn't Add Up

Your number of selfies exceeds the number of friends featured in your selfies. (Hey, we simply think that the biggest upside of the selfie is the ability to squeeze everyone in the frame without setting a timer or soliciting a stranger. The more the merrier.)


3. You're on the Speedway to Selfieland

You have more than one seatbelt selfie. In more than one car. For crying out loud, put the brakes on!


4. You Didn't Actually Wake Up Like This

You have ANY falling asleep/waking up in bed selfies. Come on, we know you’re actually quite awake and not snapping pics of yourself in your sleep. And if you are, you may need more than a spring-cleaning.


5. You're Too Serious

Your serious selfies outnumber your humorous selfies. Important-on-a-plane, intense-at-the-gym, duck faces—toss ‘em all and let the silly you shine through.

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