4 Quick Set-up Tricks to Get Your Galaxy S6 Fix

Updated June 22, 2015

It doesn't take long to fall in love with a new Samsung Galaxy S®6 edge or S®6. By the time you get through the initial setup, you'll probably find yourself already admiring its sleek design, or gazing into its Quad HD Super AMOLED display anticipating for your first text message.

If you're ready to take the relationship to its next level, here are some ways to get even more love from the smartphone that's always there for you at work, at play and everything in between.

1. Flirt with Your Phone for Faster Action

Do you think a hands-free experience should always start with a couple of taps? We didn't think so either. Create your own S Voice wake-up command when you launch S-Voice the first time. If you skipped that step when you were exploring, you can add a command at any time by tapping the "Gear" icon where you can delete the current command and speak a new one. Use any command you want, like "Hello, Samsung." Another good choice would be "Hi there, beautiful." The S6 likes that one a lot.

2. Group Your Groups into Groups

Arrange friends, family and coworkers into Groups in your Contacts app so you can text or email them all at once with a single tap.

Just tap the "Groups" icon in the Contacts app and select "Add." Include as many groups as you wish and give them each a unique ring tone. If you have the Galaxy S6 edge, you can even add a Group to People Edge to keep those folks always in sight.

3. Make Your TV Work Smarter

You can get a lot of benefits by connecting select Samsung TVs to your Galaxy S6 edge or Galaxy S6, like sharing the screens or getting your phone's news briefs displayed on the side of the TV screen. All you need to do is register the TV on your phone. Sounds complicated, right? Well, try this:

Stand in front of the TV with your phone and select "Quick Connect" from the phone's Notification Panel. Select your TV and then tap "Register TV." That's all there is to it. Now just tap "Quick Connect" again to explore its features.

4. Look Like You're Serious About Fitness

S-Health. You know it's there. We know it's there. So why not take a minute to at least get it started.

After you enter your personal information and an estimate of your current activity levels, check out your heart rate and explore some of the app's features. Maybe you could take it for a quick walk around the block. Maybe try a run. Tempting now, isn't it? The app's ready whenever you are.

Photo Credits: John Chapple/Demand Media

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