5 Quick Galaxy Note5 Set-Up Tricks

Updated August 17, 2015

When you were a kid, it was unwrapping an RC car or a doll-sized beach house that made your eyes light up; as a grown-up, you get that feeling when you unbox your new Galaxy Note5 and first slide its metal bezel and 5.7" display into your hands. When you're ready to take your inaugural test drive, breeze through the set-up process with a few swipes of the S Pen.

1. Activate Your Accounts

Before you pick up your Galaxy Note5, swing by Samsung.com to set up a Samsung Account. If you're a social media butterfly, you can even sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile. That way, you'll have access to Find My Mobile, Samsung Pay and more from the get-go—and don't forget your Google Account info for quick, connected access to Gmail, Google Hangouts and the Google Play Store.

2. Get Smart

Upgrading your phone is a lot like moving house, so why not hire some movers? In this case, your movers are called "Smart Switch." Download the free Smart Switch app for Mac or PC at SamsungSmartSwitch.com to seamlessly transfer your contacts, photos, calendars, messages, music, videos and more to your new device. It works wirelessly, and you won't have to spend hours thumbing in data for your contacts...again.

3. Get Organized

There's a pretty good chance that email is a cornerstone of your plugged-in world, so you'll want to tend to that right away (provided you haven't already synced your Google Account as a Gmail user). Go to "Apps" and "Email" and type in your login info to get rolling. Now that you're in business, launch your Calendar app and tap "Add" to set an event or task, whether it's a board meeting or a trip to the grocery.

4. Take a Shortcut

Your smart devices are an extension of, well, you—so keep those apps that are distinctly “you” close at hand right from the beginning. Give “Apps” a tap, hold any app's icon with the S Pen, drag it to the Home screen, and let it go. Go with Google Drive and Play Newsstand if you're all business, or YouTube if you'd rather play.

5. Stay Connected

While your data plan has your back during setup, you'll want to make sure your Galaxy Note5 sniffs out Wireless Access Points ASAP. In “Settings,” tap “Wi-Fi” and simply slide the switch on to stay connected to the closest networks (do the same for Bluetooth, also under "Settings," to keep your phone and laptop in sync). Now you're ready to stream, share, and game at will, without visions of phone bills dancing through your head.

Photo Credits: Samsung

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