5 Party Tips for the Big Game

Updated January 26, 2016

The season is coming to an end and the big game is just around the corner—time to prepare for the big celebration. Make sure your get-together is the best party on the block with a few of our game-day party tips.

1. Organize and Personalize

First, the legwork. You’ve got to organize the party, which means you’ll need lists of people to invite, food to pick up at the grocery store, and decorations to adorn the walls. And don’t forget the details, like fun half-time games and making sure there’s enough seating around the TV for everyone.

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2. Control Your Environment

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to lose control. But you’ll want to keep cool and carry a level head to manage the party and keep the excitement running smoothly. Make sure you’re stocked with ice-cold drinks and enough food to keep everyone happy. You’ll also want to take a look at your layout to ensure the food is easily accessible and everyone can see the TV.

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3. Bring the Action Home

Don’t let this experience get lost in the distance. Make it feel like everyone is actually at the big game in the comfort of your living room and the theater of your home. Dress up your home in team colors and send out invitations that look like tickets. You might even want to bring out a few footballs your guests can toss around before the game starts.

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4. Dine Like Champions

Winning the big game takes a lot of energy, which means you’ll want to keep the tables stocked with food. Serve your guests fun appetizers and hearty dishes that will keep them coming back for seconds and thirds. You can even try serving up culinary specialties of the host city or the team cities to get everyone in the spirit of event.

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5. Don’t Forget to Chill

Everyone will be reaching for a nice, cold drink during the game so make sure your fridge and coolers are stocked and you have enough ice on hand. Prepare fun drinks and serve them up in team cups that your guests can take home as souvenirs, or make your own personalized paper cups by printing team logos on sticker paper and attaching them to the cups.

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