5 Life Hacks You Can Do With Your Phone

Updated May 10, 2016
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From waking you up in the morning to snapping a quick photo note of your parking spot (you're in L7 on the fourth level, by the way), your smartphone is sort of a pocket-sized life hack in and of itself. But the hacks don't end at your phone's bevel—here are five ways to make smart even smarter.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

1. Watch That TV

Between HDMI ports and Wi-Fi features, it's easy to forget that most SUHD TVs also have USB ports. But don't overlook this hack when your smartphone runs low on juice and the outlets are occupied—plug on in and charge up while you tune in.

For extra-fast charging, enable airplane mode, minimizing your phone's power usage while it fuels up.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

2. Instant Ambiance

Chances are, you've got a flashlight app on your smartphone (will our children even know what flashlights themselves were?). It's super useful, but not so great for setting the mood. To soften the light a bit, set a full water bottle (with the cap on, please) on top of your lighted smartphone.

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3. The World's Cheapest Amp

You've got a few friends on the couch, the convo is flowing—call it a mini party, if you will. To give your phone's speakers just a little extra oomph, put it in a big drinking glass, glass vase, or even an empty fish bowl. It's a life hack that's low on effort, high on impact.

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4. Retro, Meet Modern

We know you miss mix tapes—we all do. Next time you want to share your YouTube playlist or watch some Netflix without making your arms go numb, dig out an old cassette tape case. Open that bad boy up so that the tape-holding side faces out and the other side faces down, and you've got an instant retro-chic phone perch.

Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

5. Bag It Up

The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are water-resistant even sans case, but no one can help beach sand getting into those grooves (by which we mean "every single groove ever"). Next time you hit the sandy shore or the muddy hiking trail, seal your smartphone in a zipper bag to make sure it's clean and pristine when your adventure ends.

Photo Credits: Paul Dimalanta/Demand Media

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