5 Gifts Dad Needs This Year


Choosing a gift for Dad doesn't have to be difficult. Once upon a time, you had to have an encyclopedic knowledge of his tool collection, or a keen insight into his taste in neckties, but things are easier now. Stores are brimming with the latest high-tech gadgets, ready to entertain Dad or make him more productive. Here are five gift ideas that will surely put a smile on Dad’s face.


1. Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge

Okay, he's been hanging onto that old phone for long enough. Like the torn and mended flannel shirt, it's got to go. Fortunately, a new Galaxy S7 or S7 edge is just the thing to help Dad through the pain of separation. The best thing about these phones isn't their sleek design or state-of-the-art screen—it's how convenient the phone is. It fits neatly into the hand, despite the size of the screen, and it's easy to use one-handed. He can use fingerprint-verified Samsung Pay to pay securely almost anywhere, and the fast-loading camera takes amazing photos in almost any light. It's even water and dust resistant, so he can use it fearlessly in any setting.


2. Gear VR

Mobile devices are as much about entertainment as productivity, and the future of entertainment has just arrived. The Oculus-powered Gear VR virtual-reality headset is a can't-miss Father's Day gift. The lightweight headset turns the latest Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones into stunningly immersive entertainment devices. Viewed through the Gear VR, his phone becomes a full-sized home theater for streaming content from the Web or from Samsung's Milk VR service. Select live sporting events or news broadcasts support the new technology, putting Dad right in the middle of the action. Then there are games, which take on a whole new life in VR. Sit him down, strap on the Gear VR, and watch the grin on his face.


3. Gear S2

Wearable tech is a hot category, and it can be genuinely liberating when it's done right. Consider the Gear S2, for example. It's a fully functional cellular device in its own right, so Dad won't need to keep his phone in a pocket at the gym or while he's running. He can take or make a call, or view and respond to messages, even if the phone is miles away. Fitness apps, including Samsung's own S Health, can help him plan and track his workouts, and the built-in GPS can tell him accurately how far he's gone. With customizable watch faces and a wide selection of bands, Dad can always find a look he likes.


4. Level On Wireless Headphones

Sometimes, the secret to a stress-free life is simply tuning out all the distractions and background noise. Level On Wireless headphones are an ideal way to do that, with Active Noise Cancelling to make the outside world go away. Then they fill that quiet space with superior sound using proprietary Ultra High Quality Audio technology. It's great for listening to his favorite music, or for talking on the phone in noisy places. There's a touch pad built into the headset itself, so controlling the tunes or answering a call requires just a touch of his finger. They even fold up when they're not in use, so he can take them anywhere.



There's nothing like a really good TV to complete a living room (or an ultimate "man cave"). When the moment calls for an extra-special Father's Day, make it a new SUHD TV. The state-of-the-art curved 4K screens on models such as the KS9500 give a great view from almost anywhere in the room, so he can enjoy the spectacular picture wherever his favorite chair happens to be. They're compatible with the latest 4K broadcasts and Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, but the sets' smart circuitry can also upgrade the signal from lower-resolution sources to make them look amazing. They even adapt to the lighting in the room, whether noon or midnight, to provide the best in viewability.

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