5 Apps that Score Mom Cool Points

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School runs, homework help, after-school activities, grocery shopping, weekend planning, cooking, and countless other activities, plus a day job—we all know mom's the real hero here. An app that will raise the kids for you while you relax doesn't exist, nor should it. Installing the right apps on your phone or tablet (or both), though, is guaranteed to not only save you precious time and equally precious sanity, but maybe score you some “cool points” with your family and friends as well.

Buy Me a Pie

1. Buy Me a Pie

The bigger the family, the longer the shopping lists. No matter how good you are at synchronizing shopping requests with multiple phone calls and text messages throughout the day, on occasion you’re bound to somehow end up with four bottles of milk and no toilet paper—right? Not with the Buy Me a Pie shopping list app. The free version is already very good, but the premium version is where the app really shines. It adds the ability to share and synchronize shopping lists across multiple devices. So even if dad spontaneously decides to buy dinner on the way home or the kids forgot to tell you it’s your turn to be soccer mom this week, you’ll be prepared—and with the best snacks sure to impress the kids.

Cozi Family Organizer

2. Cozi Family Organizer

Juggling everybody's schedules is part of family life, but when the default calendar app can't keep up, what's a busy mom to do? Enter Cozi Family Organizer. Specifically designed for families, this app makes it a breeze to keep track of multiple overlapping schedules, as well as everything else important—to-dos, chores, meals, you name it. All the information is kept synchronized across all of the family's devices, as well as on the Web via its Web version, through a single family account. The basic app is free; a premium subscription is available to remove ads and add features, such as extra reminders and notifications, a contact list and a birthday tracker. Though the app’s coolness factor may be lost on your kids, your mom friends are sure to appreciate it when you show up to carpool on time.


3. BigOven

"Mom, what's for dinner?" That question is not always easy to answer, especially when you've just walked in the door after a long work day, the weekly grocery shopping is still several days away and there are leftovers in the fridge that need to be used. Forget traditional cookbooks—grab the BigOven app to instantly have hundreds of thousands of recipes right at your fingertips. For a fun, more spontaneous meal, the app can suggest recipes using ingredients you already have. For less spur-of-the-moment decisions, it also includes a meal planner, sure to please even the pickiest eater in your family.

American Red Cross First Aid

4. American Red Cross First Aid

When dealing with active kids, super mom saves the day—or at least bandages skinned knees and provides basic first aid—with the help of the official American Red Cross First Aid app. This app contains a plethora of potentially life-saving information and, because all content is saved locally on your device, can guide you through any emergency even if you are currently not connected to the Internet. The app also includes safety and preparation tips for emergency scenarios such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.


5. Evernote

You could say the Evernote app is the only notebook you will ever need, but that would be entirely untruthful. Once you start using it in earnest, Evernote becomes more like an entire filing cabinet that can fit in your purse. Whatever you need to keep track of or save, you can type it up or snap a photo of it and then store it in Evernote—appliance manuals and warranties, business cards, guest lists, holiday and gift ideas, photos of your kids' artwork and crafts, home decorating ideas and more.

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