5 Apps That Inspire You to Be a Better Human


Your Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 makes the world a smaller, more interconnected place. It allows you to impact organizations and people that are often out of sight, out of mind: orphanages in Africa, schools in South America, food banks across the amber waves of grain—all without a passport or plane ticket. It’s never been this easy to invest in a more secure, socially conscious future. Here are a few apps to get you started:


1. TED

When the world’s most fascinating, intelligent and curious people step onstage to share their wildest passions, you’re left feeling as breathless and brave as the little engine that could.


2. One Today

$1 funds a student in Laos for 17 days.

Do one good deed a day by giving a single dollar to causes and nonprofits that matter to you.


3. GoodGuide

No bag or bag? Wake up or snooze? Fries or side salad? Of the hundreds of decisions you make in a day, you’ll never have to think too hard about whether or not you’re making a socially responsible purchase. Over 170,000 products are registered in the GoodGuide app—just use the barcode scanner to quickly pull up health and environmental ratings as you shop.


4. Seafood Watch

If you like the sushis or own a restaurant, this easy-to-use database lists the fish that are farmed and caught in environmentally responsible ways. And if those aren’t available, the app suggests good alternatives so you can still make an informed choice.


5. Tree Planet 2

Plant and raise a baby tree in this game and Tree Planet will plant and raise a live baby tree in one of 75 forests in 10 different countries.

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