3 Apps You Didn't Know Came with Your Phone

Updated June 15, 2015
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With hundreds of features and well over a million apps available on Samsung smartphones, no one can expect to be on top of everything available these days. So, to get the most from the technology that's already at your fingertips, here are five apps that you may have missed. Depending on the model you have, most are already installed on your phone.


S Voice

Stay hands-free to have your Samsung smartphone perform just about any task, like calling a friend, sending a text or playing some music. You can even ask S Voice™ questions, like where's the closest restaurant or what's the weather forecast, and S Voice will provide the answer on the screen. To start using S Voice, double-click the Home button on your Samsung smartphone or tap the S Voice icon in Apps. The first time you launch the app, a brief tutorial guides you through its features. Using Maps, Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth®, you can register places like your home, work or car. Just say "Hi, Galaxy. Drive home," and S Voice will display the best route.



Text messages are fine if you want to tell someone you're running late for dinner, but what do you do when you want to be a little more creative? Samsung's PEN.UP™ is the ultimate social networking service for artistic souls. Follow friends and other artists, download their work and submit your own creations all within this single app. Add comments and re-post your favorite works, or connect with social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. If your own work gets enough votes, it too can be featured on the PEN.UP Hall of Fame. PEN.UP is already integrated with S-Pen devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, but you can also get it for free on Google Play™.


S Health

From tracking your workouts, measuring calories and counting every step you take throughout the day, S Health™ is like having a personal trainer in your pocket. Just put your finger on the heart rate sensor built in to smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, and S Health will give you a read on your heart rate after a workout. It can even give you that extra motivation you might need to meet your day's activity goal. With wearable tech like the Samsung Gear S, S Health has even more features, like tracking how well you sleep each night.

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