4 times you'll be thankful your phone can identify unsaved numbers

Updated December 31, 9999
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In the days before caller ID, a phone call from a mysterious number could ruin perfectly good season finales, invite ex drama, or even open you up to dreaded telemarketers. But today, you and your phone are too smart to fall for the pitfalls of the mystery number—with the Identify Unsaved Numbers feature activated under “Settings” and “Advanced Features,” the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge can identify unsaved numbers and let you know if they’re suspected of being spammers or even fraud-related bad guys. Goodbye, mystery number—we won’t miss you.

Shauna Hundeby/Demand media

1. Expert ex avoidance

Ah, the Great Ex Purge of 2014, the day you burned your ex’s contact info in digital flames. The phone number was the first to go, but could those forgotten digits flashing on your smartphone be that ex, coming to haunt an otherwise ideal third date? Don’t worry—your phone’s screen clues you into to the number’s location, and a green light indicates that it’s not spam or a scam.

Since your Galaxy S7 instantly gives you the choice to block or report the number, it’s best to play this one safe, tap “Block,” and eat your tacos in peace.

Shauna Hundeby/Demand media

2. Telemarketing terrors

Here are three things nobody in the existence of humanity has ever said:

  1. “Man, I really wish I could talk to a telemarketer right now.”
  2. “Dude, I just had the best conversation with a telemarketer the other day.”
  3. “I could sleep in today, but I’d rather someone call me at 7AM and try to sell me stuff.”

So there’s that. Your smartphone’s identify unsaved numbers feature will let you know if you’re dealing with a telemarketer—or worse a scam—so go ahead and give that “Block” option a workout.

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3. The acquaintance

Remember that guy you met at the party six months ago? The one with the great witty banter whose number you forgot to get when he got yours?

If it weren’t for that big green check mark next to his unsaved number, you might have ignored his call. But since your phone lets you know he’s not a telemarketer or scammer, you never have to miss the phone call you’ve been hoping for. Good looking out, Galaxy S7.

Shauna Hundeby/Demand media

4. Robotic reminders

You set a date for your internet service provider (ISP) to come fix your Wi-Fi, and the time’s marked in your smartphone’s calendar. But apparently, the automated ISP robot thinks you’ve forgotten and reminds you about the appointment seven times a day, every day. You know better than to answer, though, because your Galaxy S7 is smarter than a robot—it lets you know the company name, number and location, complete with that comforting green check mark, so you know it’s not spam. Now you can make a mental note without having to listen to a recording for the seventeenth time.

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