3D Options for Home Theaters

Instead of forcing you to source amplification, playback and speaker hardware in separate products and integrate them yourself, a home theater system combines all these components in a unified package. Entertainment technology enables these systems to present realistic viewing experiences that dwarf the size, clarity and color fidelity of early playback equipment. They bring all the drama of action and suspense into a 3D realm that makes you believe you're watching real life rather than prepared programming.

Intelligent Hardware

You'll find two forms of 3D content: prerecorded material and live broadcasts. To view a movie in 3D, you need a home theater system with a Blu-ray player that can process the immersive viewing experience. Live broadcasts—sports, entertainment and more—present the multidimensional viewing experience in real time. Finding suitable content becomes much easier with an intelligent home theater setup that gives you access to streaming programs through an Internet connection. This kind of smart system supports apps, displays material wirelessly from your smartphone or computer, and serves as a social media hub.

Conversion Options

Don't leave your two-dimensional program sources out of the home theater experience. Although you can't make 2D programming look like 3D material, you can maximize the appearance of older, lower-resolution content on newer playback hardware. A home theater system with a Blu-ray player can maximize the onscreen display of movies and concert videos from DVDs using an upconversion process that makes it look almost as good as native HD material. Some Blu-ray players can upconvert HD resolution into UHD on a compatible display device, with four times the resolution of a standard HD picture.

Surround Sound

The 3D-viewing experience draws some of its reality from the placement of sound relative both to your viewing position and to the events in the movie or sports program you watch. With 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, a home theater setup uses multiple speakers to place elements of the sound field where they belong, filling your living room or media center with rich, full audio. A subwoofer handles the lowest-pitched sounds, which add the tight, realistic bass of natural sound to the roar of a sci-fi battle or the boom of thunder in a hurricane scene.

Beautiful Presentation

A 3D HDTV provides a large, colorfully bright video companion to your home theater system, presenting the full visual experience through rechargeable or battery-powered 3D glasses. You can size an HDTV to suit any room dimensions, with sets that can accept optional wall-mounting hardware or use a built-in stand to set atop your A/V furniture. With a wide viewing angle, you can share the 3D experience with your entire family. Choose a 4K UHD set for the highest-resolution picture quality, rendering even the smallest image details with stunning clarity.

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