3 Ways Your Phone's Camera Will Rock Your World


You thought your last phone took amazing pictures? Well wait ‘til you start to shoot with the Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge. Imagine carrying a professional-grade camera in your pocket. Both phones feature the latest camera phone technology. So get ready for some serious social media praise—this camera is on another level.


1. You’ll Capture Just-Like-Being-There Photographs

The days of grainy cell phone pictures are finally long gone. The camera features 16MP, real-time HDR, a fast f/1.9 aperture lens and smart optical image stabilization—in other words—what the camera lens sees is exactly what it captures (just imagine the possibilities). Post your scenic, food, selfie or groupie shots with long-lens picture quality. Your social media pages won’t know what hit them.


2. You’ll Get to Be in Every Picture

Speaking of selfies and groupies (that’s when you take a front-facing photo with a group, as if you didn’t already know), its 5.1-inch screen along with the 5MP front-facing camera makes it easy to get everyone in the picture—including you.


3. You’ll Capture Action Shots Like a Pro

It also includes cutting-edge video applications. Film an action shot in slow motion or create a cool, artistic video of street traffic in fast motion mode. It also features a 360-degree virtual shot that works like panoramic technology.

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