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Whether you're travelling internationally or just visiting new towns in your home state, there are a lot of free apps to help you get the most from your next trip. On your smartphone or tablet, you can book a hotel room, map out your itinerary, explore new cities or find long-lost friends anywhere in the world. There's even an app to help you if you forget where you parked your car.

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With over 200,000 hotels to choose from in 200 countries, it shouldn't be hard to book a great hotel with the Hotels.com app. The app features local deals based on your location and lets you personalize search options based on your own preferences. If you're not certain where you want to go, the app also displays hotels geographically on its own map.

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Translator Speak and Translate Free

Translator Speak and Translate turns your smartphone or tablet into a portable personal translator. The voice translator can recognize 100 foreign languages and translate them to and from English. It also supports text-to-speech and speech-to-text and lets you save important phrases to make them accessible offline. You can use the translator to learn a new language, improve your vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.

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No matter where your travels may bring you, this free app lets you chart your current position and find out what friends may be in your area. With FMap, you can use the GPS services in your smartphone or tablet or connect to an external GPS using Bluetooth. You can also go back and see your recent trips, go over your routes and times and then post this information to your blog or favorite social media website.

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Tracky GPS

Tracky GPS is a free GPS app that lets you track where you've been, where you are and where you are going. This app integrates with Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia to help you find local restaurants or places of interest. You can also invite your friends to track your journeys from their own Android™ device or PC. Use this feature as a safety precaution when you're out exploring new terrain—or activate it just for fun.

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App2Find is another location tracking app for monitoring where you are, with one big difference. This app uses Augmented Reality to help you pinpoint the location of nearby friends and family. Once you select who you are looking for on the map, just hold up your phone and the camera shows you the direction and distance of that person, whether it's your best friend in your hometown or a long-lost relative you're connecting with in Belgium.

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Car Parker

Finding your way in a new city can be disorienting. Car Parker is a free app that ties into your phone's GPS to help you track where you parked your car and even tells you how much time is remaining on the meter. When you park your car, activate the app and add details like which level you are on in a parking garage. You can later find your car using a compass or by pinpointing its location on a map.

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World Factbook

This is a free mobile version of the CIA World Factbook, one of the most comprehensive and reliable resources for finding important information about any country. Simply select the country you're thinking of visiting next to discover its official languages, religion, geography and economy and other important facts like where its capital is and what time zones it uses.

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Paris Offline Map, Guide, Hotels

Paris is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Paris Offline Map gives you high-resolution maps stored right on your smartphone or tablet without distracting ads. You can use it while roaming along the Seine to find out what interesting places are nearby or, if you're not going any time soon, use it to take a virtual trip through the romantic City of Lights.

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With Tripit loaded on your smartphone or tablet, you can organize all of your important travel details, including flights, reservations and every step of your itinerary. You can also share your travel details with friends or family directly from the app. For an annual fee, Tripit Pro becomes your personal travel advisor that searches for flight discounts and sends you alerts about what's coming up on your schedule.

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Flight Hero Free

Flight Hero Free tracks any inbound or outbound flight in the U.S. with real-time stats including its mapped position, speed and altitude. You can also watch terminal arrival and departure times and find the closest airports to your current position. This app can monitor 1,550 airlines and 16,224 airports worldwide, including 5,639 airports in the U.S. alone. You can also share information on a flight's status via SMS, email or social media.

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