10 Must-Have Apps for Students


Today's smartphones and tablets are powerful tools that can easily fit in a pocket or backpack. Whatever age a student is, there's no reason not to take advantage of these powerful technologies by installing a few helpful apps, especially when they're free. Apps today can help students with math and science, history and literature and even help students make the most of their time between studies.

Image courtesy Periodic Table

Elements - Periodic Table

For students looking to get ahead in chemistry, having the periodic table of elements on hand will always be helpful. In addition to the periodic table, the important qualities for each element are also accessible with a single tap. Students can quickly discover an element's category group, standard atomic weight, electron configuration, as well as its boiling point and melting point. Images for each element in its natural state are also accessible from this free, ad-supported app.

Image courtesy Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy is a free educational reference app that explains 16 different biological systems including the cardiovascular and digestive systems, the human eye, the lymphatic system, the skeleton and muscles. Students can zoom in and out of each illustration to get a detailed look. More detailed information on each biological system is available from direct links to Wikipedia.

Image courtesy Calculo Schola Learn Math

Calculo Schola Learn Math

For young students still getting a grip on their times tables—as well as addition, subtraction and division—Calculo Schola Learn Math is an interactive way for them to practice their skills. Children can write their answers with a finger or with a stylus. This app automatically detects the number that was written and calculates whether the answer was the right one.

Image courtesy AlarmMon

AlarmMon (Alarm Clock)

Even the most eager student needs help now and then to get up in time for school. AlarmMon is a fun way to wake up, no matter what the student's age. This free app features several adorable characters, each with a unique alarm. The student can choose between the characters and select whether she wants the phone to vibrate as well. The alarm can't be muted or turned off by other apps or even incoming phone calls.

Image courtesy Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep

Whether it's time for a break or time to focus for 20 minutes during a cramming session, music and TV are often too much of a distraction. Nature Sounds Relax and Sleep is a free app that plays natural background sounds. Selections include bird songs, jungle sounds, the roar of the surf or rain. The student just needs to set the timer before the next study session and when the sounds stop she'll know it's time for a break.

Image courtesy Evernote


Evernote has gained a solid reputation for its business uses, but those same features make it ideal for students. Easy to use, the free Evernote app helps you remember everything you need to know and will automatically sync itself to the Evernote program on your computer. Students can type notes, take photos or record voice memos. Evernote's to-do lists are the perfect way to keep track of upcoming projects and assignments.

Image courtesy Calculator Plus Free

Calculator Plus Free

Calculator Plus Free is one of the most highly rated utility apps on the market. It offers a simple, easy-to-use design and will actually display your work so you can see how far you have progressed when doing a complex set of problems. One feature not often found on a calculator is the ability to correct mistakes without having to start again from scratch. If a student enters the wrong number, a tap of the "Backspace" button erases the mistake without losing all of the work before it.

Image courtesy Project Gutenberg

38,000+ Free Classic eBooks

For years, the volunteers at Project Gutenberg have been amassing, digitizing and making freely available tens of thousands of public-domain books. With this handy app, any student can access these books and read them directly on a smartphone or tablet.

Image courtesy Wondershare PowerCam

Wondershare PowerCam

A large part of any student's life revolves around connecting with friends. Wondershare PowerCam is a free app that makes it easy to add fun effects to photos and post them on favorite social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. This app offers dozens of features, like the ability to take panorama shots or have the camera automatically detect a smile before taking a snapshot.

Image courtesy Einstein's Challenge

Einstein's Challenge

Einstein's Challenge is one of the most popular free puzzle apps available today. Designed to sharpen concentration, short-term memory and visual memory, this puzzle game is easy to learn but difficult to master. After a few rounds you can check out your progress to see how you compare to the genius. Even for students who aren't recognized geniuses yet, this app is a fun way to keep you thinking on your toes.

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