8 Killer Photography Apps


Beyond the stock camera app, there are a number of photography apps that bring your mobile photos to a whole new level with different editing tools and filters. Check out these amazing apps to see how you can create images you will want to share with everyone.

Image courtesy Pencil Sketch Free

Turn a Photo Into a Sketch

Taking a photo on your device and turning it into what appears to be a hand-drawn sketch is just a few taps away with Pencil Sketch Free. The free app allows you to import an existing photo and choose between a few different coloring and sketching techniques. You're also able to control the color and theme of the picture-turned-drawing. When you're done, you can share it through the usual methods.

Image courtesy PicsArt

Filters, Effects and Distortion

Editing photos with the same filters and effects over and over can be very boring. PicsArt takes what can be a monotonous task and turns photo editing into a story with a surprise ending. You'll find the option to randomize photos, distort them, add filters and special effects.

Image courtesy FotoRus

You're on a Magazine Cover

FotoRus lets you take and edit photos as any modern app would, but it has one feature that makes it a must-have—the ability to create personalized magazine covers. It doesn't sound like much on the surface, but once you start using it you'll realize how fun it is to add photos of your pets or children to the cover of their own magazine. In addition to the "InstaMag" feature, you can also create collages and add a pic-in-pic option to your repertoire.

Image courtesy PixMix

Create and Share Albums

After you've spent countless minutes, if not hours, editing your photos and getting them just right, what do you do with them? Instead of uploading them to a public social network, use a free app called PixMix to create and share private photo albums. Not only are the albums private, but those whom you've granted access to can also contribute and add to the album. PixMix is an example of an app that takes something mundane like sharing photos, and adds a fun twist. Simply select your photos, tap "share" and send the invite. That's it.

Image courtesy Photo Collage

Collages Go Digital

A collage used to be something for kids to do as a school project. With digital editing making it easy to tweak a lot of photos at the same time, making a collage on your device only makes sense. Photo Collage, a free app, let's you use multiple photos from your device and add a frame to them. In the end you have a creative collage to share directly from the app with Facebook.

Image courtesy PicsPlay

Play With Your Pics

PicsPlay makes it easy to implement creative photo edits directly on your device. With the free version you'll be limited to saving only smaller versions of the photo, whereas the Pro version will let you save full resolution photos. You can add filters, stamps, vignettes and even use a Time Matrix feature to make a photo appear as if it was taken years ago. The Pro version is $3.99 in the Samsung App Store.

Image courtesy Pudding Camera

Multiple Cameras

Pudding Camera allows you to have total control over your photo, not in the editing phase, but while snapping the shot. You're able to choose between several camera types, frames, filters and control exposure levels all from the main screen of the app. Each different "camera" will take a different type of photo, and each roll of "film" will apply a different filter. The combination of these two elements create some amazing photos. Best of all, Pudding Camera is free.

Image courtesy Twin Camera

Twice the Fun

Twin Camera is an entertaining app that helps you create a photo wherein it appears as if you have an identical twin. The app works by taking two separate photos, one each of a person or object on each side of the frame and combining the photos into one. Be sure you don't move your phone or the photo will be off, and onlookers will be able to see it's been edited. There's even a built in timer for the occasions when you don't have someone to help you snap the photo.

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