8 Fun Galaxy Tips You'll Want to Know


Whether you own a Galaxy Note® or Galaxy Gear™ S, there are probably a few features and functions you haven’t discovered yet. To help with your exploration, we gathered 10 of our favorite tips here to help you get the most out of your Galaxy device.


1. Go Low to Amp Up Appetite Appeal

Take a break from the usual aerial shots of your brunch plates and shoot from table level so your meal appears even more prominent. Try different angles to find the juiciest, most mouth-watering view.


2. Google “Larynx” by Using Yours

Samsung Galaxy Note® 4 Owners, give voice to your search! Choose Always On when you activate “OK Google” Detection and you’ll be able to launch your search by saying— yep, that’s right—“OK Google.” And choose When Locked if you want to be able to search even when your Galaxy Note 4 is locked.


3. Hear Your Doorbell from the Garage

The pizza deliveryman. Party guests. Door-to-door salesmen. Don’t make them ring twice. "Doorbell detector" will notify your Samsung Gear™ as soon as your phone hears a doorbell—just make sure your phone is within 10 feet of it. Now you can spend more time in the garage.


4. Hide Your Secrets Deep Within the Galaxy

Some things on your phone were meant for your eyes only. So follow the instructions in Private Mode on your Galaxy S® 5, Galaxy Note 4 or Galaxy Note® Edge to select photos, videos or other files and lock them behind a pattern, password, or PIN—or use the fingerprint sensor.


5. Lock In Your Inspiration

Draw your personal goal using your S Pen™, illustrate a quote in S Note, or set an uplifting picture as the wallpaper for your lock screen—that way, you’ll never lose sight of what inspires you.


6. Split Your Screen for Full-Coverage on All the Action

Catch the buzzer-beating 3-pointer up top, while tracking stats below. Or watch the hole-in-one shot in real time on the left, while shopping for Hawaiian print shirts on the right. Just use Multi Window™ to use two apps at the same time. Yeah, it’s a game-changer.


7. Text on Your Dog’s Face

Or your niece’s birthday party. Or your BFF’s #TBT. Or the Eiffel Tower. Just swap the default background of your text message screen with a photo of your choice. Just go to Settings > Display > Background Image.


8. Your Dog Knows Your Voice—So Should Your Phone

You can’t train your Galaxy Note 4 to roll over or shake hands but it can be trained to know your voice. Just use the Retrain Voice Model option and take your rightful place as master.

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