9 Apps to Use with Your Galaxy S6 & Galaxy S6 Edge


With a shiny new phone to load up, it can be a nightmare to narrow down your favorite apps from an ever-growing library of titles. Here are 10 of the best that really make the most of what your Galaxy S®6 and Galaxy S®6 edge can do.

Camera ZOOM FX

1. Make Those Photos Pop

The improved camera needs a picture-taking app like Camera ZOOM FX for its full as-you-shoot-it editing functionality—from color mods to filters to funky celeb sticker add-ons. Go from spontaneous snapshot to frameable masterpiece with just a few taps.

ES File Explorer

2. Get Some Multi-Cloud Coverage

Are your files broken up over your phone's local storage, a network server, an FTP client and a handful of cloud services? Multitask with ES File Explorer and get all of your important data organized in one, centralized location.


3. A Palm-Sized Movie Theater

A video streaming service that shows off your device's high resolution capabilities doesn't have to come with a crazy subscription fee. Crackle's got hundreds of hit films and thousands of full TV episodes—no monthly commitment necessary.


4. Working Remote...On a Smaller Scale

Teamviewer for Remote Control on your GS6 can remotely access your computer's desktop—plus your files, programs and network as if you were right there at your desk. Forget working at home, now you can work from the palm of your hand.

GPS Connect

5. Connect the Dots

Plot friends and their current status on a map using GPS Connect, a GPS-based compass app. Beyond the simple pleasure of stalking...er, tracking your friends, this app can actually offer some valuable peace of mind to parents of phone-wielding rugrats.


6. Paper-Free Means Clutter-Free

Use your device's spec-spectacular camera and the CamScanner app to go paper-free. It's great for important paperwork, receipts, notes, and anything else that would otherwise end up crumpled at the bottom of your purse or pocket.


7. Universal Media Controller

No more bouncing between video apps, service providers and live TV. With Samsung WatchON, search, browse and access live and on-demand programming...and the more you watch, the smarter and more intuitive it gets.


8. Project Your Selfie

With such a high resolution front-facing video camera at your disposal, why waste the upgraded technology on simple selfies? Load up Skype and hold a live video chat with friends and family on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms.


9. High-Tech Fitness Tracking

Whether you sync to wearable tech, check your stats from the touchscreen or obsess over your fitness data from a computer screen, MapMyRun and MapMyRide will track your paces, distance, calories, and time while doing over 600 types of activities.

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