9 Apps to Use with Your Galaxy S6 Edge+


If you're looking to get more from your new Galaxy S6 edge+, you've come to the right place. Here is a sample of the best apps to help you get more done, have more fun, and make your world just a little more convenient.


1. Switch to the Smart Side

Before doing anything else with your new Galaxy S6 edge+, launch Samsung Smart Switch™. This app helps you to automatically move all of your text messages, music and other files from your old device to their new home in the palm of your hand.


2. Samsung Pay: Pay As You Go

With your Galaxy S6 edge+, there's no need to be digging through your pockets when it's time to pay. Use Samsung Pay, accepted virtually anywhere you swipe or tap your card*, instead. Just swipe the screen, secure your payment with your fingerprint, hover your phone near the cash terminal and you're done. Swipe. Secure. Hover. Pay. It's that easy.


3. Multiply Your Plus

Have a question about your Galaxy S6 edge+? Launch the Samsung+ app to get one-touch access to Samsung's customer support and additional tips and tricks. To make sure you keep coming back, Samsung+ is loaded with a whole digital library of great resources, including exclusive clips.


4. Capture Every Pixel

Double-press the Home button on your Galaxy S6 edge+ to launch the Camera app. With a 16MP rear camera, advanced image stabilization, an automatic low-light sensor, and 4K UHD video resolution, you've never seen so much camera packed into a smartphone before.


5. Connect Your Work Area

Get more done in less time by connecting your computer to your Galaxy S6 edge+ with Samsung SideSync. Share the screen, transfer files, and even let your computer borrow your phone's features for a while, such as the ability to accept phone calls or send and receive text messages from your PC.


6. Connect With Your Friends

Why settle for phone calls or text messages when you're holding a high-resolution 5MP selfie camera in your hand? Download Skype and connect with your friends for a live video chat wherever you or they happen to be.


7. A Sweet Free Office Suite

When you need to get some work done, grab the Hancom Office suite of apps, available at the Galaxy Apps store. Your spreadsheets, documents and slideshows will all be at your fingertips, with all the editing features you need, and no monthly subscription fee.

GT Racing 2

8. Get Your Speed On

All work and no play makes for a dull smartphone. Take some time off to immerse yourself in a high-intensity game like GT Racing 2: The Real Car Experience. Test drive a Ferrari or a Mercedes-Benz on what may be the most authentic mobile racing experience ever.


9. Get Informed and Stay Smart

Why settle for one news source when you can get everything you want all in one easy-to-use app? With Flipboard, you can follow the topics and stories you care about most and get the latest news and in-depth features from hundreds of magazines and newspapers.

*Only compatible with select cards and Samsung devices.

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